Anyone from Belize would tell you that the best tacos in Belize are in Orange Walk. Each year, crowds gather to Orange Walk Town in Northern Belize to experience this tasty festival. This food festival showcases a wide variety of tacos styles and tastes. Usually held at the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk Town, the abundance in tacos are accompanied by local drinks, cultural presentations and live performances by local artists.

Why should you attend the 2019 Orange Walk Tacos Fest?

Who doesn’t want to go to a festival for tacos? Each year, more and more people travel to Northern Belize to get their tummies filled with delicious tacos. Be there this year and savor all the different styles and flavors of tacos!

Suitable for: KidsTeensAdultsFamiliesGroupsCouplesSeniorsHandicapped

Activities: Learning, Walking, Eating

    What to bring?
  • Cash
  • Appetite