Anyone from Belize would tell you that the best tacos in Belize are in Orange Walk. Each year, crowds gather to Orange Walk Town in Northern Belize to experience this tasty festival. This food festival showcases a wide variety of tacos styles and tastes. Usually held at the Banquitas House of Culture

Description Highlights

  • Film Screenings
  • Music Videos
  • Shorts
  • Green Globe
  • Collective Memories
  • Belize City
  • Awards

Belize International Film Festival

The Belize International Film Festival is an annual event that brings together top world films and filmmakers in Belize for four days. The festival focuses on independent films produced in Belize and other Central American countries and Caribbean countries that display storylines celebrating cultural diversity, topical social issues and stories of resistance.

2019 Belize International Film Festival

The 2019 Belize Film Festival starts on November 6 with screenings at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts. Screenings will be held throughout the week. Please refer to the schedule for accurate dates and times.

Why should you attend the 2019 Belize International Film Festival?

This is an event that you do not want to miss. Celebrating the 13th Edition of the Belize International Film Festival, be there to see unique culture-centric films. Bring a friend and enjoy films from Belize and other participating countries.

Suitable for: Kids, Teens, Adults, Families, Groups, Couples, Seniors, Handicapped

What to bring?

  • Cash
  • Camera
  • Creative Ideas